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World’s highest wind farm connected to China grid

4700m Nagqu High Altitude Experimental Wind Power Project built by China Longyuan Power in Tibet is connected to grid

High altitude wind farm
The wind farm sets a record for the highest wind power projects around the world

The world's highest wind farm has been connected to the grid in China. Five wind turbines totalling 7.5MW have been connected to the power grid in the first phase of the Nagqu High Altitude Experimental Wind Power Project in Tibet, which is being built by China Longyuan Power.

The 49.5MW Longyuan Nagqu High Altitude Experimental Wind Power Project is located in Nagqu County of Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region at an elevation of 4700m. It covers an area of 312 mu and is equipped with 33 sets of 96m blades fitted to 1500kW wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 49.5MW.

The project has been planned in two phases, with the first wind turbines installed in August. China Longyuan Power said the project achieves a breakthrough of zero wind power projects in Tibet Autonomous Region, fills a gap in wind power development of the last province in China, and also sets a record of the world's highest wind power project.

So far, China Longyuan Power has been able to build wind power project in high altitude areas with thin air and extreme natural environments, therefore establishing dominance in the industry, the company said.

China Longyuan Power said the project to date has brought with it many challenges but been a success. The company said: "Our builders overcame such difficulties as harsh environments, high altitude anoxia and we made every effort to solve various problems during construction. Finally, the first phase of Longyuan 7.5MW Nagqu Wind Power Project was successfully connected to the grid after unremitting efforts."