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Wind to become China’s third largest energy source

More than 60GW of grid-connected wind power will be delivered in China before the end of the year, putting the country well on track to reaching its ambitious 100GW wind target by 2015

China leads the world in installed wind power capacity

Wind will become China’s third largest power source if it contributes more than 60GW to the grid, as expected, before the end of the year.

Speaking at China Wind Power 2012 Liu Qi, deputy director of China’s National Energy Bureau (NEB) said wind farms would generate more than 100 billion kWh of energy by the end of 2012. The nation had around 52.58GW of wind turbines connected to the grid in the first half of this year.

According to Chinese reports, Liu Qi said China leads the world in installed wind power capacity but a “phenomenon of abandoning wind” still exists in some parts. “This reflects that traditional energy system, management system and policies cannot fully meet the requirements of new energy development such as wind power”, he said.

“Promoting the industry’s sustainable development is complex and will surely take time. Efforts in the future will focus on strengthening China’s wind power system to create a larger market and on improvements in policies and laws,” he added.

China aims to have 100GW of grid-connected wind power capacity by 2015 and 200GW by 2020, according to its 12th Five-Year plan for renewable energy.