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US wind control systems for India

AMSC receives $30m ECS order from Indian firm Inox Wind

Wind power plants at Thar desert, India The order is the fifth and largest that AMSC has received from Inox

An Indian firm is using US wind turbine control technology in a USD 30m deal to boost its wind power developments. US firm AMSC, a global solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry has received an order worth in excess of USD 30m for wind turbine electrical control systems (ECS) from Inox Wind Limited, part of India's Inox Group of Companies.

AMSC expects to begin shipments under this new order during the current quarter and complete shipments in 2014. This is the fifth and largest order that AMSC has received from Inox since the company began volume production of its 2MW wind turbines, which were licensed from AMSC in May 2009.

Devansh Jain, director of Inox Wind Limited, said: "To date, we have installed nearly 250MW of high-quality, reliable, cost-competitive wind turbines in India — a solid step toward our objective of becoming India's premiere wind power company. We are already among India's top five wind energy companies with well respected customers including India's largest wind IPP's, private power distribution companies and prestigious government organisations. We are looking forward to continuing our rapid growth in the Indian market and working with AMSC to help India meet its energy demands with clean, emission-free power."

AMSC's ECS are an integrated, high-performance suite of power electronics systems that include the wind turbine power converter cabinet, internal power supply and various controls. Together, these systems serve as the "brains" of the wind turbine and enable reliable, high-performance operation by controlling power flows, regulating voltage, monitoring system performance, controlling the pitch of the wind turbine blades and the yaw of the turbines to maximize efficiency.

"Since the inception of our relationship, Inox has quickly become one of AMSC's key wind turbine manufacturing partners, and India has emerged as one of our key markets," said Daniel P. McGahn, president and CEO, AMSC. "We are proud to partner with Inox, a company that is dedicated to manufacturing excellence and committed to helping India to bridge its power gap with high-performance wind turbines."