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US firm GE launches low-wind turbine for India

US conglomerate introduces its first turbine engineered for low-wind speed conditions in India

Wind turbine
GE said the launch of the 1.7-103 wind turbine is a testament to the company catering to India's low wind speed environment

US multinational conglomerate GE has introduced its first turbine for low-wind conditions in India. The 1.7-103 is GE’s first wind turbine developed and engineered specifically for India's low-wind speed conditions.

GE said the turbine's large 103m-long rotor will help deliver high-efficiency output and attractive project economics for wind farm operators in India. The 1.7-103 wind turbine also provides a 30 per cent increase in annual energy production compared to its predecessor, the 1.6-82.5, the company said.

The launch of the 1.7-103 is another key step in strengthening GE’s deep commitment to India.

Banmali Agrawala, president and CEO, GE South Asia, said: "The launch of our new 1.7-103 wind turbine is a testament to GE's commitment to energising India and catering to India's low wind speed environment. Our latest offering underscores the company's effort to provide localised solutions to India. As GE's latest wind turbine for India's low wind speed, the 1.7-103 offers performance and reliability that exceeds industry standards. With the 1.7-103, GE has invested in powering India in a cleaner way."

GE is the latest Western wind firm to develop a turbine for low-wind sites in India. It follows Spanish wind power developer Gamesa, which won an Indian technology and innovation award for the performance of its G97-2.0MW low-wind turbine in India November last year.