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UK firm to distribute mid-size turbines nationally

UK wind tech to provide sturdy, cost-efficient medium range Norwin turbines for South West

Mid-range Norwin wind turbines are durable and cost-effective compared to their Class II counterparts

A UK manufacturing firm has introduced economical, durable mid-range Norwin wind turbines to the South West of England. The move marks another development to the rapidly expanding UK medium size wind turbine sector.

Mosscliff Environmental will install turbines ranging from 200Kw to 750Kw designed by Norwin in the South West of England.

According to Mosscliff Environmental, mid-sized Norwin turbines have better durability especially in more exposed and high wind locations as well as competitive pricing when compared to their other Class II equivalents.

“The South West has some of the best wind speeds in the country, but in more exposed areas you really do need a wind turbine that can take quite a bit of punishment”, said David Wyllie, managing director of Mosscliff Environmental.

“The Norwin 225Kw is extremely competitive and the reliability of the units is second to none, which is an important consideration when looking at a long term return,” he added.

According to the Isos-Mori poll done in April this year, 43 per cent of people consider the UK subsidy of wind energy good value for money.

“Wind turbines need to be sensitively sited, but polls consistently show that people are far more concerned about the impact of fossil fuel and nuclear-fired power”, said Iain Beveridge, from Mosscliff Environmental South West operations.

The newest development presents another opportunity for Chinese wind turbines manufacturers of the mid-range products to target Europe where the demand for the mid-size wind turbine grows.