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Swiss transmission tech to build wind power in Brazil

ABB to design and mount substation and transmission infrastructure to integrate wind energy in south Brazil

ABB’s transmission technology will help develop wind power in Brazil

Swiss power transmission technology is being used to help develop wind energy in Brazil. Swiss firm ABB will provide three substations and transmission infrastructure for the Brazilian utility Eólicas do Sul in a USD 55m government deal to build up wind power in the country.

Brice Koch, head of ABB’s power systems division, said: "These substations will help to integrate wind energy and boost power supplies to meet growing industrial, commercial and residential demand.

“They will also reinforce the transmission grid and help improve reliability, efficiency and power quality," he said.

The company will be responsible for designing and installation transmission technology. This includes two turnkey 34.5/138 kV substations, one 138/500 kV substation, step-up power transformers and air- and gas-insulated switchgear. It will also supply and install two 138 kV overhead transmission lines that will connect a power plant to the grid.

The development is the latest example of EU firms working to build up south Brazil’s wind sector. French firm Alstom was awarded contracts to generate 108 MW of wind power for the southern region of Brazil in April this year.