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Suzlon wins 276 MW in new European orders

Five European countries commission orders from a branch of the fifth largest wind turbine makers

Suzlon operates in 32 countries around the world

A subsidiary group of wind turbine giants, Suzlon has received orders worth 276 MW across Europe in the last two months.

REpower Systems SE secured orders between 11 February and 15 April for projects in Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the UK. The total order is worth approximately USD 387million.

The products include the latest 3.4M104 and 3.2M114 turbines, in addition to MM82 and MM92 models.

Andreas Nauen, REpower Systems SE CEO said: “These orders highlight our competitive positioning across highly competitive European wind markets. With our focus on technology and customer centricity, we have the right products and services to lead the growth in the sector.”

Tulsi Tanti, Suzlon Group Chairman said: “These orders clearly underscore the continuing momentum in the wind sector in developed European markets. With our strong competitive positioning as a Group, we are poised to maintain our strong growth momentum across global markets.”

The projects include several wind farms in Germany featuring REpower’s latest 3.4M104 and 3.2M114 turbine models, with 3.4 and 3.2 MW of rated power respectively. Other orders will feature turbines of the MM92 and MM82 types.