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Suzlon to supply first low-wind turbine for US in 98MW deal

Indian firm Suzlon will supply electric company PowerWorks with 98.7MW including 2.1MW low-wind turbine for first time to build projects in California and Illinois

Suzlon wind turbine
Suzlon will supply its S111 turbines to the US for the first time which the firm said are ideal for low-wind sites

India’s Suzlon group will supply its latest low-wind turbine to the US for the first time as part of a 98.7MW deal, the company has revealed. Indian wind power firm Suzlon has announced, via its fully owned US-based subsidiary, SWECO (Suzlon Wind Energy Corp), it will supply US electric firm PowerWorks with up to 98.7MW of its wind turbines, including its first S111 2.1 MW, designed for low-wind sites.

In addition to delivering 29 S97 2.1MW wind turbines, Suzlon will supply 17 units of its S111 2.1 MW low-wind turbines for projects in California and Illinois, including the Panther Creek wind project. Suzlon will oversee the operations, maintenance and service of the wind turbines for two years. They will be delivered to PowerWorks in summer 2015.

Duncan Koerbel, CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, said: “We have a two pronged strategy for expansion, first by expanding our customer base and by selling our newest and most efficient turbine model, the S111. The S111 blade profile has an optimum pressure coefficient distribution which is ideal for lower wind sites, in a variety of climates, including those at higher altitudes.”

David Capparelli, VP of sales for Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation added: “We’re very excited to sell our first S111s and work with the PowerWorks team. It’s great knowing that PowerWorks is a veteran wind company with 16 years of operating wind farm experience, and has selected Suzlon for its turbine needs.”

Tulsi Tanti, chairman of Suzlon Energy, said: “We have a strong focus on the US market as it offers a favourable renewable energy environment and federal policy framework moving in the right direction. We look forward in welcoming PowerWorks to the Suzlon Group.”

The news follows low-wind turbines developed in the US for India. US multinational conglomerate GE launched its first low-wind turbine for India in April.