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Suzlon subsidiary wins 266MW deal for community wind farm projects in Germany

India’s Suzlon Group subsidiary REpower Systems signs contracts for 24 community wind farms in Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein region

Community wind farm
India's Suzlon Group will supply over 100 wind turbines for 24 community wind farms in Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein region

Suzlon Group subsidiary REpower Systems has won deals totalling 266MW to deliver turbines for community wind farm projects in Germany. The wholly owned subsidiary of Indian wind power group Suzlon will supply over 100 turbines for 24 community wind farm projects in Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein region.

The Suzlon subsidiary will deliver a series of wind turbines, ranging from the MM82 with 59m hub height to the 3.2M114 with a hub height of 93m. 

Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems, said: "With these contracts, we are significantly expanding our position in northern Germany. This is only possible because we have a suitable wind turbine for each individual site in our product portfolio. We have the ability to implement the interests of customers optimally with our staff on site."

REpower signed a primary memorandum with purchasing association Schleswig-Holstein GmbH Wind in December 2012. Suzlon said the memorandum assured participants from 52 projects in Schleswig-Holstein binding conditions in a model contract. The participants could choose the appropriate offer from the final negotiated contracts of four different manufacturers for their own location. REpower has managed to secure 55 per cent of all potential wind turbines under this process.

The news follows on from REpower signing a contract with Bürgerwindpark im Kirchspiel Medelby earlier this year to supply 27 wind turbines to develop four community wind farms at Medelby in Germany’s northern Schleswig-Holstein region. Wind turbines, including the 3.2M114, 3.2M114, MM92 and MM92 would be delivered as part of the contract. Hub heights of the wind turbines range from 80m to 123m. The Suzlon subsidiary also signed a contract in November to supply wind turbines totalling over 100MW for Australia.

Referring to the USD 123m Medelby contract, Nauen said: “Community wind farms are becoming more and more popular as they enable residents to cover their electricity support with their very own wind farm. We are always happy to be a reliable partner by offering project specific solutions for this way of autonomous energy supply.”