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Spanish wind developer to help build 282MW in Brazil

Enerfin wins one of four contracts to sell energy from ten wind farms operational in five years in the BRIC country

The energy contracts will see a 282MW boost of wind power in Brazil by 2017

A Spanish energy firm is one of four developers that has won wind contracts to build up over 280MW in Brazil. The four companies, which includes Enerfin Sociedad de Energia SA in Spain, have won contracts to sell energy from ten wind farms in the BRIC country that will be operational in five years, according to reports. 

Brazil’s Renova Energia SA (RNEW11) has also won a contract to sell energy from the wind farms, which is a government-organised auction for new power projects, reports Bloomberg. 

Sao Paulo-based electricity trading board Camara de Comercializacao de Energia Eletrica has said the wind projects, which have a total capacity of 281.9MW, will sell energy at an average price of 87.94 reais (USD42.16) a megawatt hour once they come online in 2017. 

EDP - Energias de Portugal SA (EDP), Portugal’s biggest utility, has also sold energy from two large hydroelectric projects with total capacity of 292.4MW, according to the statement.

The news from Enerfin follows other western companies working to boost wind power in Brazil. In early December, US firm GE signed a USD 394m contract for 230 wind turbines in the BRIC country.