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Spanish firm to open wind turbine hub factory in Brazil

Acciona assembly plant to produce 135 hubs for wind turbines a year

Acciona will open the turbine assembly plant in Brazil as the company seeks to comply with the BRIC country's wind equipment requirements

Spanish renewable energy company Acciona SA(ANA) will open a wind turbine hub plant in Brazil on Monday, according to reports. The company will open the assembly plant near Brazil’s northeastern city of Salvador on March 11 as it seeks to comply with the country’s local-content requirements for wind power equipment, Bloomberg reports.
The factory will be able to produce 135 hubs for wind turbines a year, Leslie Beatriz Crawford, a spokeswoman for the Alcobendas, Spain-based company said today. Acciona will source blades from a factory in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Confidence in complying with wind rules

Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social, Brazil’s development bank, stopped offering loans last year to developers buying turbines from Acciona and four other turbine makers, which it said weren’t using enough domestically produced components.

“We are confident we will be able to comply with BNDES local-content rules,” Crawford said. “Acciona is committed to the Brazilian market.”

The news from Acciona follows other European companies setting up wind turbine production plants in Brazil. Danish wind firm LM Wind Power confirmed plans to build a blade manufacturing facility in the BRIC country in October 2012.