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Plans to build USD 35m wind power plant in Brazil

Turbine assembly plant aims to meet demand as South American wind market rises

The wind power plant will be built in Bahia, Brazil
The wind power plant will be built in Bahia, Brazil

Plans are underway to build a USD 35m wind power plant in Brazil. According to reports, US firm General Electric (GE) is to build the wind power plant in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia.

Reinaldo Garcia, GE’s head of the company's operations in Latin America, said the plant aims to assemble wind turbines as the South American market for wind farms increases.

Reports state the wind energy plant will be built during the next six to 12 months. Brazil has seen interest in wind power projects take off over the past decade, and has been adding about 2,000MW of new wind-power capacity every year as prices for wind power fall below the costs of other sources. GE reportedly has secured about one-fifth of the supply contracts for those Brazilian wind farms.

Developments in wind energy turbines around the world will be a focus in the agenda of BigSwitch Offshore Wind. The international event, which Renewable Energy Technology (RET) is sponsoring, is taking place in Glasgow on 27th and 28th June. It aims to advance technological developments across global offshore wind by encouraging the European renewable energy industry to work with key delegations from the world’s biggest emerging markets, including China and India, as well as the US.

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