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Offshore wind entering era of large-scale development in China, says paper

State Council white paper states large scale period for China’s offshore industry as wind energy becomes the country’s third largest electric power

The White Paper states that offshore wind power is entering an era of large scale development in China

China’s offshore wind industry is entering an era of large-scale development, states a white paper, as wind power becomes the third-largest electric power in the country, according to the National Energy Administration.
The State Council has released its white paper, "China's Energy Policy", which indicates that "wind power is the non-hydro renewable energy with the biggest possibility of large-scale development and market utilisation at the moment.

Meanwhile, Liu Qi, deputy director general of the National Energy Administration has said "there is no electric power to substitute the position of wind power, following thermal power and hydropower."

The paper says during China's 12th Five-Year Plan wind power shall be developed in both concentrated and distributed formats, and the development layout shall be optimised. Wind farm construction will be promoted in areas abundant in wind resources, including the Northwest, North China and the Northeast, and the utilisation of distributed wind resources will be accelerated.

Offshore wind power shall be developed steadily. Standards and industry monitoring for wind power equipment shall be improved. Wind power enterprises will be encouraged to strengthen research of key technologies to speed up the upgrading of the wind power industry.

The consumption capacity of power systems shall be increased by strengthening grid construction, improving grid dispatching, enhancing equipment performance, advancing wind power predictions and forecasts, and so on. By 2015, China's total wind turbine installed capacity will hit 100 million kW, including 5 million kW offshore.

In the report of the 18th CPC National Congress, it was said that "China is determined to promote the revolution of energy generation and consumption, to control the total consumption of energy, to improve energy conservation, and to support the development of energy conservation and the low carbon industry as well as renewable energy in order to ensure the safety of national energy."

Under the guidance of the new national energy policy, China's offshore wind development has driven into the fast lane. On November 23 2012, Longyuan Wind Power realised the completion of 150MW in an offshore wind demonstration project in Rudong, Jiangsu Province. This is China's largest offshore wind farm to realise grid integration, and its completion marks the arrival of the era of China's large-scale offshore wind development.

In 2010, Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore wind farm realised the grid connection of its Phase I project of 100MW installed capacity with 34 sets of wind turbines. The wind farm developer has applied to the National Energy Administration for Phase II of its project of achieving 100MW installed capacity with 26 sets of wind turbines, including one 5MW wind turbine, the largest in Asia. The others are 3.6MW. The project is expected to complete construction by the end of 2014.