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Netherlands and German marine firms join up to invest in vessels for offshore wind

FRISIA and OWS announce investment agreement for crew transfer vessels in Europe

The companies aim to invest in transfer vessels to service offshore wind turbines

Marine firms in the Netherlands and Germany have joined together to invest in vessels to service offshore wind turbines. Germany’s FRISIA-Offshore and Netherlands firm Offshore Wind Services BV (OWS) have announced a cooperation agreement with the intention to invest in crew transfer vessels for the industry. 

FRISIA said the joint venture will “serve as growth platform for the German and Dutch market.”

FRISIA is an offshore wind dedicated subsidiary of the ferry operator AG Reederei Norden-Frisia. It is located at the German North Sea coast. Firm Workships Contractors, the sole ship manager of OWS 'fleet, will be working with offshore FRISIA together in operational matters.

In addition to two multi-purpose vessels for wind projecting farm activities, FRISIA operates two crew transfer vessels. The 22m-long "Wind Force I" vessels made history by being the first German built catamarans operating at the first German offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus, resulting in over 13.000 safe without transfers accidents. A third vessel will be delivered to the German offshore wind farm, Riffgat next year.

OWS is a joint venture between ferry operator Doeksen and Workships Contractors. It offers quality crew transfer vessels, accommodation vessels and multi-purpose data solutions to the offshore wind sector.

Workship Contractors offer clients on behalf of OWS ten dedicated wind farm service vessels. Presently, they are operating crew transfer vessels in the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark for companies such as Vattenfall, Visser & Smit and ENECO.