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Italian firm wins Mexican wind farm contract

An Italian clean power company has won the right to develop a 102MW wind farm in Mexico

Italian wind farm manufacturers have been stepping up investments in Mexico

Italian firm Enel Green Power has won a public tender to develop a plant in south-west Mexico. The agreement is expected to represent an investment worth USD 130m.

In July the company announced it had begun operations at its first wind farm in the country. The USD 160m Bii Nee Stipa II wind farm, located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, boasts 74MW of capacity and is expected to deliver a load factor of around 40 per cent.

The new wind farm is also located in Oaxaca but has a 102MW capacity. Winning the bid grants Enel the right to enter into a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Mexican government’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad.

Enel CEO Francesco Starace said: "We are extremely pleased about such an achievement, which confirms Enel Green Power’s competitive position in Mexico, a very important market with growth perspectives.

“The successful participation in the tender is a major step forward in Enel Green Power’s growth strategy for Latin America.”

Enel has been stepping up activity in Latin America this month, recently purchasing a Chilean wind farm for USD 165m.