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Indian turbine giant crosses 1GW in developing country’s largest wind park

Kutch wind farm passes 1,000MW mark with Suzlon accounting for nearly 50% of total turbine installations in Gujarat state

The wind park is set to be the leading source of wind power in India

The Kutch wind park in India has crossed 1,000MW of installed capacity, it has been revealed. This 1GW achievement could see the wind park become the largest of its kind in the BRIC country.

The wind park in the state of Gujarat has been developed by the Suzlon Group since 2005, which is the world’s fifth largest wind turbine maker. Suzlon currently has a total installed capacity of over 1,500MW in the state, accounting for nearly 50 per cent of the total wind power installations. The other locations in Gujarat where Suzlon has installations are in the districts of Jamnagar, Porbandar, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. Suzlon said the GW figure is a proud accomplishment for the state of Gujarat and the company.

Rohit Modi, CEO of India and emerging markets at Suzlon, said: “Suzlon is proud to be playing such a vital role in powering the state of Gujarat through sustainable energy solutions. Suzlon credits this achievement to the trust, support and encouragement of the state government, customers, policy makers, state power utilities, suppliers and local communities who have played a vital role in bringing this dream project to fruition.

Suzlon’s maiden project for the wind park was initiated in August 2005 at Changdai site in Gujarat. The wind park comprises of Suzlon’s entire wind turbine portfolio, ranging from the 600kW model to the company’s latest S9X 2.1MW series.

The wind park includes a cluster of wind farm sites spread across the Kutch district, namely Nanisindholi, Suthri, Jakhau, Amaliyara, Vanku, Lathedi, Jamanvada, Sinoi & Shikarpur.

“The Kutch wind park is a powerful illustration of how Suzlon serves its customers and the communities we work in,” said Modi. “We take this opportunity to renew our commitment to Gujarat and to harness the incredible wind potential in the state.”
The company said the wind park “lights up the lives of the local community” through Suzlon Foundation’s interventions. Implemented under Suzlon’s commitment to sustainable development, the Foundation has positively impacted more than 6,000 families in over 79 villages in the Kutch district, through initiatives like water conservation, revitalisation of Kutch craft, employment for differently able individuals, and tree plantation, as well as community organisation and education support.

Other energy companies helped to provide renewable energy power for villages in India last year. In May 2012, Indian villages had power for the first time thanks to two US solar energy firms, including Californian company SunEdison.