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Indian turbine firm wins second wind deal in a week to bring total to 77MW

Suzlon Group signs 50MW order with Orange Renewable Power, following 22MW deal with SKME

Suzlon is leading wind power developments in India

A leading Indian turbine firm has won a second deal in a week to boost wind power in the BRIC country, bringing the total to 72MW. Suzlon Group, the world's fifth leading and India’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, is working with Orange Renewable Power, an emerging Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the country, to build a 50.4 MW wind energy project scheduled for completion in early 2013.

The development follows Suzlon signing a contract for a 21.75MW wind project with mining firm Sri Kumarswamy Mineral Exports (SKME) on Monday (28 January). Suzlon has now crossed 1GW in developing wind power in India.

For the latest deal, Suzlon will supply 24 units of its S88 – 2.1MW wind turbine generators totalling 50.4MW of capacity. The company will install, operate and maintain the wind turbines for the end to end project, in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.

Speaking on the latest order, Ranjit Gupta, co-founder of Orange Renewable Power, said: “We see wind as a highly viable option with its techno-economic maturity and feel that Suzlon, with its technological expertise and proven market capabilities, is the right partner to achieve our objective to become an organisation of excellence that provides best in class projects and services to the emerging renewable energy industry.

“We plan to develop and operate a portfolio of renewable energy assets, including wind, biomass, small hydro and solar, where each project would be crafted to deliver optimum value to all stakeholders”, he added.

The S88 turbine is designed for operations in medium wind regimes with the ability to withstand extreme conditions and operate effectively with lower maintenance costs. The S88 has enjoyed international success, with over 2,400 units installed worldwide, translating to over 5GW of capacity.

Rohit Modi, CEO of India and emerging markets at Suzlon, said: “We are pleased to receive this order from Orange Renewable Power and look forward to partnering with the company in its ambitious plans for the wind energy sector in India. With growing participation and investment from domestic and international IPPs, the segment is already playing a pivotal role in accelerating the development of Indian wind energy market”.

Onshore wind developments are on the rise in India. The Indian government are also now in talks about building the BRIC country’s first offshore wind farm, but it is still not clear whether the project will go ahead.