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India could quadruple wind power capacity by 2020 - report

With the right legislative framework India has the potential to raise its wind power capacity from 18GW now to 89GW by 2020 according to the latest India Wind Energy Outlook report

The Indian government is being urged to draw up a comprehensive renewable energy law to help unleash its generation capacity

With appropriate government support, India is capable of quadrupling its wind power generation capacity to 89 gigawatts by 2020, according a new report released at an event this week.

This growing capacity will attract investments of over USD16.5 billion, create 1.79 lakh jobs and save 131 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, found the India Wind Energy Outlook 2012 report.

By 2030 capacity could grow to 191GW, against 18GW now, but new legislation must be implemented by the government in order to achieve this. The government needs to draw up a comprehensive renewable energy law with a uniform system of tariffs and significant improvements to the country’s grid, recommends the report.

The report was compiled by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association (IWTMA) and World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE).

GWEC secretary general Steve Sawyer said: “India’s wind power sector has a mature manufacturing industry, and enormous growth potential. Now we need to get the right policies in place both nationally and at state level for India to meet its target of 15 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2020”.

India had already installed 851 megawatts of wind capacity in half of 2012 compared with 1,403 megawatts for the whole of last year, according to data from the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association in Chennai.