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India’s Suzlon Group launches 3MW turbine for low-wind sites in Canada

Suzlon subsidiary Repower announces onshore wind turbine with large rotor for Canadian market designed for low-wind conditions

The Repower wind turbine is designed for low wind sites in Canada

Indian energy firm the Suzlon Group has designed a 3MW wind turbine for low wind sites in Canada. Repower, a subsidiary of Suzlon which is the world's fifth-largest wind turbine manufacturer, has launched its 3.0M122 turbine as a 60-Hz variant for the Canadian market.

The 3.0M122 is the third and most recent turbine type to be added to Repower's 3.XM series since September 2013. It is designed especially for the specific conditions encountered at low wind locations. The first variant with a hub height of 100m will go on sale in Canada in late 2013. Suzlon said the prototype will be erected in the first quarter of 2015.

The REpower 3.0M122 has a rated output of 3MW and a rotor diameter of 122m. Thanks to the larger rotor combined with the hub height of 100m, Suzlon said its use at low-wind sites can be made even more cost effective, which will help to reduce energy costs. The news follows other recent business deals involving wind turbines for low wind sites, specifically across the BRIC countries. This includes Danish wind manufacturer Vestas, which in September announced it is to deliver wind turbines totalling 48MW to a low wind site in China.

Andreas Nauen, CEO REpower Systems SE, said: "With the REpower 3.0M122, we can achieve optimum energy yield at non-coastal sites with lower wind speeds as well as in challenging areas such as hilly terrain or forests. Particularly in Ontario, many wind farm locations are situated near to built-up areas. For projects like these, apart from the cost-effectiveness of our turbines, it is also their quietness that makes them so impressive."