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Gamesa to supply turbines totalling 50MW for Green Infra’s wind farm project in India

Spain’s Gamesa signs contract to supply, install and maintain turbines for Kosegaon wind farm project in Maharashtra state

Wind turbines
Gamesa will supply 25 of its G97-2.0MW turbines to Green Infra’s wind farm project in Indian state Maharashtra

Spanish firm Gamesa will supply wind turbines totalling 50MW for Green Infra’s wind farm project in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The company has signed a contract to deliver 25 of its G97-2.0MW wind turbines for the Kosegaon wind farm project. 

The contract will see Gamesa supply, install and maintain the wind turbines for ten years. The wind farm is expected to be complete in mid-2014. 

Gamesa said: “This new contract strengthens Gamesa's orderbook from independent power producers (IPP) in the Indian wind energy segment, boosting its local reputation as a leading turbine manufacturer.”

With closure of the latest deal, the Spanish wind turbine manufacturer has secured contracts to supply 75 turbines of 2MW capacity in the BRIC country since July 2013.

The news follows on from Gamesa signing a contract to deliver 27 2.0MW wind turbines totalling 54MW for wind farm development in Andhra Pradesh in October. This contract was in addition to the 46MW wind turbine supply deal signed in July to deliver 23 G97-2.0MW wind turbines at Tagguparthi.

The G97-2.0MW wind turbine is part of Gamesa’s 2.0-2.5MW platform. It has five different rotors, including G80-2.0MW, G87-2.0MW, G90-2.0MW, G97-2.0MW and G114-2.0MW y and G114-2.5MW. The G97-2.0MW wind turbines are available with tower heights ranging from 78m to 120m. Gamesa said the turbines are known for robustness and reliability. They are suitable for low, medium and high wind sites.

Gamesa’s G97-2.0MW wind turbine received an Indian technology and innovation award at the 7th edition of the Enertia awards in the BRIC country in November 2013. Gamesa said the machine is recognised as most efficient and productive wind turbine, which is the largest size in operation in India.