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French firm to take floating offshore wind to India

DCNS to expand into India wind sector with offshore technology

The Winflo system would boost offshore wind in India
The Winflo system will build up offshore wind power in India

A French energy firm is looking to take its floating wind technology to India.Firm DCNS is eyeing India to expand its offshore wind technology and has marked the country as a good location for its innovative “Winflo” system. 

Winflo is a floating wind turbine system designed for waters deeper than 50m, opening up greater areas for generating offshore wind energy. The company said the floating generators can “access a more dense energy resource” and “exploit the energy from stronger and more regular winds far from shore.” The technology also minimises the visual impact from the coast.

The company said India, Gujarat in particular, would be suitable for the Winflo technology because of its windy conditions.

DCNS said: “Offshore floating wind turbines could be used in India, as this technology exploits the greater power provided by stronger, more consistent offshore winds.”

Sea trials of DNCS’ Winflo technology are expected to begin next year, with preliminary work having already started on a pilot floating wind farm.

In addition to offshore wind, DCNS is also looking to expand marine energy technology. The company said Gujarat has tidal energy potential of 8 MW. 

“Regarding marine-based renewable business in India, DCNS aspires to belong to the world's leaders in this field. In 2015, DCNS group will be ready to offer proven marine renewable energy solutions,” the company said.