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First Indian offshore wind turbine by 2017

Offshore wind power plant to be installed offshore Tamil Nadu within five years

India is keen to explore its offshore wind potential

India’s first offshore windmill will be up and running within five years, it emerged at an event on renewable energy in Chennai this month.

Dr S Gomathi Nayagam, from India’s ministry of new and renewable energy, said the windmill will cover a narrow 9km area off an island within the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

India will use German experience in building offshore windmills to save time and resources in the construction process, he said. But the unique location, off the village of Dhanushkodi, will require specific solutions when it comes to design, he added.

For example, western technology used in areas where the wind speed reaches 12-17m per second will be redundant in Indian sites, since the wind speed does not surpass 6-7m per second.

“Currently a 100m mast is being built to measure the wind up to seven levels and Scottish Development International is helping us with the project,” said Nayagam.

The news was announced on 4 April at a two-day event organised by Chennai-based think tank, Indian Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit.

The conference was used to launch a new report entitled: “Atlas of Household Energy Consumption and Expenditure in India”. The study provides an overview of Indian household energy data consumption and how fast new renewable energy technologies, products and services are developing.

Offshore energy could generate about 30 per cent more power for the same capacity as compared to onshore projects and help meet India’s growing energy needs.

India has begun assessing its further potential to generate wind energy offshore but cost and technicality implications are making the industry sceptical of its full potential.