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Danish turbine giant wins first deal with Chinese wind firm

Vestas to supply to Guangdong Yueneng for first time

The Vestas wind turbines are expected to be installed in Mainland China
The Vestas wind turbines are expected to be installed in Mainland China

A Danish wind firm is supplying turbines to a Chinese company for the first to develop a project in the Guangdong province. Vestas has won a sales contract of 49.4 MW with its new customer, Guangdong Yueneng Wind Energy, using Vestas’ internationally certified V90-1.8/2.0 MW turbines.

The 25 turbines are expected to be installed in the southernmost tip of Mainland China, Guangdong Province (Dengloujiao) during the third quarter of 2012.

The V90 has previously been selected for several other projects along China’s south-eastern coast line, including Gaopai on Hainan Island as well as Qiulu in Fujian. As such, the V90 is a well-recognised turbine model by developers in the region.

Vestas China president Jens Tommerup said: “Chinese companies are now more aware of the necessity of partnering with an experienced international partner in their efforts to become more international. This project is a perfect example of how Vestas’ local knowledge and global footprint can provide a strong business case while also enabling a local player to receive financing from an international investment bank.

“Apart from being able to offer a bankable business case, Vestas has a presence in the industry of more than 30 years and in 69 countries, which is giving our Chinese customers a strong platform for internationalisation,” Tommerup added.