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Danish firm to design foundations for first US offshore wind farm

Denmark’s Ramboll to lead team to help develop 130-turbine Cape Wind project

Cape Wind is set to bring offshore wind power to the US for the first time
Cape Wind is set to bring offshore wind power to the US for the first time

Danish and US firms are to team up to design the foundations for the first US offshore wind farm, Cape Wind. The offshore wind farm will mark the turning point for offshore wind energy in the US.

Danish consultancy Ramboll, leader of the consortium, and US based companies Keystone Engineering and PMSS, will design the foundations for the wind farm’s turbines. The consortium expects more US offshore wind projects to be on the way.

The offshore wind farm will be one of the world's largest. With its 130 offshore wind turbines, each with a 3.6 MW, Cape Wind Offshore Wind Farm will be situated off Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts on the US east coast. When completed, the turbines will be able to produce electrical power for up to 500,000 households.

Denmark’s Ramboll is leading the team of consultants that is designing the foundations for the wind project. The company has designed approx 50 per cent of the offshore wind turbine foundations that exist in the world today.
Klaus Jacob Jensen, director of offshore wind in Ramboll, said: "Cape Wind is likely to spearhead several other projects in the US. That could potentially benefit the entire industry and also lead to the creation of new jobs.”

Rudolph A. Hall, managing principal of Keystone Engineering, said: "Building Cape Wind will help establish the domestic expertise and supply chain that will be required to expand the United States’ offshore wind industry. The knowledge gained from the Cape Wind project will be of benefit to all stakeholders in the future of US offshore wind power."

Concerns about how the turbines would impact the local environment have for years held off investments in offshore wind farms in the US. The turning point came when the Obama administration, based on thorough analysis, in March of this year marked several areas along the American east coast to be leased for offshore wind purposes.

Alongside the fluctuating energy prices and the need for a stable energy supply, this kick-started a series of offshore wind projects, with Cape Wind in Massachusetts as the first. The wind farm is expected to be in operation by 2015.