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Contracts awarded for almost 40 wind farms in Brazil

25-year contacts given out for 39 Brazil wind farms to cope with expected 2016 spike power demand

Wind farm sunset
The wind farms in Brazil are expected to begin operating in January 2016

Brazil has awarded 25-year contracts for 39 wind farms to deal with an expected spike in power demand in 2016, according to reports.The wind farms, which are expected to begin operating in January 2016, will have a generating capacity totalling 867.6MW, state-owned Energy Research Corporation (EPE), has said, the Latin American Herald Tribune reports.   

The Brazilian government is expected to pay an average of BRE 124.43 (some USD 53.61) per MW. This is down 1.25 per cent from the initial estimate.

A total of 28 electricity distributors participated in the auction, signing purchase and sale agreements for the power generated by the wind farms.
Wind energy was the big winner at the auction, which also drew solar, biomass and hydroelectric power producers.
“This is the time for wind, no doubt about it, but in the mid-term scenario, solar will have its place,” EPE chief Mauricio Tomasquim said in a statement to the Latin American Herald Tribune.   

The auction yielded good results, the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, or ABEEolica, said.
ABEEolica represents nearly 85 wind power organisations. 

The news from Brazil follows a series of Western wind farm developers continuing to build up their businesses in the BRIC country over the last few months. This includes Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa, which signed a 210MW deal to develop wind projects in Brazil.