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Construction complete on world’s largest offshore wind turbine

Samsung Heavy Industries 7MW offshore turbine is installed in Fife, Scotland and is ready for testing

The world's largest wind turbine being installed
Once fully operational the prototype will be the world’s largest and most powerful installed wind turbine

Construction on the world's largest wind turbine has been completed in Scotland. Work started to install the 7MW offshore turbine, in waters close to the Methil's Energy Park in Fife, in early October. The world–beating wind turbine is now ready for testing.

Once fully operational at the end of the year, the three blade prototype will be the world's largest and most powerful installed wind turbine, with the tip of its blades 196m above sea level and a nacelle height of 110m.

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), which has developed the turbine, said it will create enough energy to power 4,800 homes. Following a testing period the company hopes to attract orders to allow it to build a manufacturing facility at the Fife Energy Park.

Maggie McGinlay, director of energy and clean technologies at Scottish Enterprise, said: "The development of the SHI turbine in Fife is testament to Scotland's growing reputation as a global centre of expertise for the next generation of offshore wind energy technologies."

Ronnie Quinn, the Crown Estate's energy and infrastructure lead in Scotland, added: "This installation marks a big step forward for offshore wind technology development in Scotland, and we're pleased to have been able to provide certainty and support to Samsung."

The 7MW wind turbine follows other world beating developments for the wind power sector this year. This includes the world's largest research and development facilities for wind turbine testing, which opened in Denmark in March. The facilities developer, German firm Siemens Energy, opened two major research and development test centres for large-scale wind turbine technology, including the world's largest blades in operation.

Felix Ferlemann, CEO of the Siemens wind power division in Siemens Energy, said, when centre opened: "Our investments in testing today will result in savings for our customers tomorrow."