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Chinese turbines to boost US wind power

Goldwind will supply 10MW of direct drive wind turbines for Vermont wind farm

Chinese wind turbines will boost power in Vermont

A Chinese wind manufacturer will supply 10MW in wind turbines to a US project before the end of the year. Goldwind will provide four of its 2.5MW, 50-metre blade permanent magnet direct drive turbines to the Georgia Mountain wind farm in Vermont.

The turbine-generated electricity will go to Burlington Electric Department and power more than 4,200 average local homes, according to the company.

Vermont’s developer Georgia Mountain Community Wind and the project leader Northeast Wind commissioned the Chinese turbines due to their direct drive technology, allowing them to fit into the limited space provided.

Martha Staskus, a project developer manager at Northeast Wind said: “The project is sited within an area of approximately three quarters of a mile, we only had room to place four turbines and we wanted to maximise the energy production for the space available”.

“The Goldwind turbines were selected, because of the technology. There are not a lot of other manufacturers that are able to supply a 2.5MW direct drive machine,” she said.

The Georgia Mountain wind farm is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2012. “We expect the turbine delivery late September - early October and our commissioning is at the end of November, so we have a couple of weeks there to work before the end of the year,” Staskus said.