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Chinese and German firms lead in turbine blade lengths

CSIC Haizhuang and Siemens take the wind sector by storm with their 75-metre blade offshore turbines

Chinese 75-metre blades will be one of the longest in the world

Chinese windpower maker, CSIC Haizhuang has joined German technology giant Siemens as joint world leaders in wind turbine blade size. The company recently unveiled its 75metre blade which will be deployed later this year.

The Chinese company announced that its 5MW, 75m blade will be installed in east China’s Jiangsu province. Siemens’s 6MW 75-metre blade turbine, meanwhile, has already been launched and its prototype is planned to be built in Denmark this summer. 

The 75-metre blade is just the start in the current industry trend for longer blades; Danish wind giants Vestas already has development plans for 80m blades for the V164 offshore turbine.

CSIC Haizhuang’s turbine named H154-5MW WEC took three years to develop and will be connected to the grid at the Rudong offshore wind farm.

CSIC Haizhuang told RET: “H154-5MW WEC will be used in ⅢB+ offshore wind farms with the average wind speed less than 7.5m/s and extreme wind speed less than 50m/s which, for example, located in China north of Yangtze river estuary and under the influence from typhoon drafting.”

The Chinese turbines that will surpass Alstom’s current leading 73,5-metre product were developed in close cooperation with Dutch engineers from Mecal, Danish KK-Electronics and German offshore experts Lehnhoff Consulting. 

Martin Lehnhoff  of Lehnhoff Consulting said: “A turbine with huge rotor for offshore application with mature technology is an important improvement, as there are only turbines with such big rotor upcoming that work with lately developed and unproven components.”

Chinese turbine manufacturers Guodian United Power Technology Company and Sinovel have their 6MW offshore turbines already on the market while XEMC successfully installed its 5MW in Fujian province in the Southeast of China in March.