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Chinese firms team up to boost wind

Ming Yang and Huaneng Renewables form joint venture to develop wind power in China

The joint venture aims to develop wind power in China

Two Chinese wind firms have joined forces to push wind power development. China’s wind turbine manufacturer Ming Yang has signed a cooperative agreement with Huaneng Renewables Corporation to develop wind power in the country and overseas.

The agreement establishes a joint venture specialising in the development of wind power in China and overseas markets. Under the Agreement, Huaneng Renewables will control the joint venture, which will also focus on solar power developments.
Chuanwei Zhang, Ming Yang chairman and chief executive officer, said: “Huaneng Renewables is an established wind energy generator with a strong track record in wind farm development and operation in China.

“Partnering with Huaneng Renewables represents an important strategic development for Ming Yang and we look forward to the establishment of this joint venture as a pioneer in the industry to jointly develop quality wind farm projects in China.”
Gang Lin, executive director and president of Huaneng Renewables, said: “Ming Yang is a leading manufacturer in the wind industry and has secured an abundance of prime wind resources in China. This cooperation will be of great importance for Huaneng Renewables’ acceleration of strategic development in the wind power industry.”