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Chinese firm to build Tanzanian hybrid wind and solar project

Sunbelt to construct major East African project and expand outside of China

The China wind and solar project will be constructed in Tanzania, East Africa
The China wind and solar project will be constructed in Tanzania, East Africa

A Chinese renewables firm is constructing a wind and solar project in Tanzania. Beijing firm Sunbelt International has announced that it has secured the multi-million dollar construction project in the central plateau region of the country. The company will use its hybrid technology to boost renewable energy in East Africa and help expand its projects outside of China. 

Sunbelt International manufactures high quality Wind Turbines and Solar Prowinder Hybrids in China. A Prowinder Hybrid consists of a Wind Turbine to harness wind energy, as well as having solar panels to accept the sun’s energy. 

A private Chinese Bank will provide financing for the wind project. The financing will provide engineering, construction and procurement services for Sunbelt.

Sunbelt said the location in rural Tanzania has the optimal temperatures and wind speeds to produce the most power from Sunbelt International wind and solar turbines.

"The relationship we are building through this project in Tanzania will provide Sunbelt International great opportunities to expand projects globally, and operate on a larger scale," said Sunbelt International president Fang Soo Liu.

The company said it is evident that the demand for wind and solar energy continues to grow. The Chinese government recently announced a progressive five-year plan that will target an annual growth in the use of wind and solar energy by over 1000 per cent in the year 2015. With this substantial increase in demand, Sunbelt International will be in an excellent position to leverage future opportunities.