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China wind firm powers into the US with first R&D centre

Research centre to focus on enhancing energy output for offshore wind marks firm’s first step into the US

The R&D centre will focus on enhancing energy output for offshore wind turbines
The R&D centre will focus on enhancing energy output for offshore wind turbines in the US

A leading China wind turbine manufacturer has opened an R&D centre for offshore wind in the US. China firm Ming Yang has opened its North American research and development centre on the Centennial Campus of N.C. State University (NCSU), in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The new centre will focus on state of the art research on offshore wind energy turbines to further enhance energy output and lower the cost of electricity.  These researches will be demonstrated in Ming Yang's newly developed wind turbine generator (WTG). Dr. Shu Ching Quek, president of Ming Yang USA will lead the centre.

The announcement is in line with the recently released report from the Scientific Panel on offshore energy that recommended engaging wind-energy companies to promote opportunities for offshore wind development and making the state an east coast hub for the industry.

Chuanwei Zhang, chairman and chief executive officer of Ming Yang, said: “We are very excited to set up a new R&D centre on NCSU Centennial Campus in Raleigh to focus on the cutting-edge technology research for our new wind turbines. “The R&D centre is Ming Yang's first step into the US. North Carolina is a proven natural ground for the research and development for offshore wind turbine technology since the state has the best offshore wind resources on the east coast. 

The modular technology that is being developed will likely be applied to the rest of Ming Yang's product line, and will help lower the cost of energy and increase the reliability of our wind turbines which in turn is expected to make our wind turbines internationally competitive,” Zhang added. “We hope that this will strengthen our ability to provide innovative and customizable wind power solutions to our customers in the United States and around the world.”

Shu Ching Quek, president of Ming Yang USA, said: “We chose NCSU Centennial Campus as the location of our new R&D centre to leverage the multi-disciplinary talent pool and provide a conducive environment for more innovations in this field. Our focus is to reduce Cost of Energy ("COE") for offshore WTG. This can be achieved through advanced manufacturing methods and increase of efficiency from turbine to farm level system optimisation. Another goal for the R&D centre, also a challenge to the wind power industry, is to improve WTG reliability. Increased reliability further lowers the COE by reducing Operations & Maintenance cost."

R&D in offshore wind technology around the world will be a key focus of BigSwitch Offshore Wind. The international event, which Renewable Energy Technology (RET) is sponsoring, is taking place in Glasgow on 27h and 28th June. It aims to advance technological developments across global offshore wind by encouraging the European renewable energy industry to work with key delegations from the world’s biggest emerging markets, including China and India, as well as the US. For more information on the event, please email RET Editor Heath Reidy at