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China firm builds world’s highest wind farm in Tibet

China-based Longyuan Power has completed installing the first set of wind turbines on the world’s highest altitude wind farm

The wind farm’s high altitude means the turbines will need to deal with extreme weather conditions

Chinese wind power company, Longyuan Power said on Thursday in Beijing that it has completed installing five wind turbines on a wind farm located in Nagqu prefecture in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, according to China Daily.

Once completed the wind farm will comprise of 33 1.5MW wind turbines in total, supplied by Guodian United Power, affiliated to Longyuan Power. The wind farm is scheduled to be connected to the grid by the end of the year.

According to reports, this 50MW Nagqu project is the first wind farm in Tibet Autonomous Region and also the highest so far in the world, at about 4,900 meters above sea level.

Tibet is rich in clean energy resources, including wind power, but its high altitude means the turbines will need to deal with low temperatures, low air density and high wind speeds. As technology improves though, these difficulties are becoming easier for the wind power industry to tackle.

According to its website, the Chinese company mainly dedicates itself to the design, development, construction, management and operation of wind farms. By the end of 2012, the total installed capacity of wind power by Longyuan was 10,544MW, making it the largest producer of wind power in Asia and second largest in the world.

Longyuan Power also takes the lead in several new emerging areas in the BRIC country, such as offshore wind power, wind power at high altitudes and low wind speed areas.

Once completed, the project will help ensure power supplies in Nagqu, Longyuan said.