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China edges closer to 2015 target with 41% wind power boost

BRIC country sees dramatic increase in generated wind power to 100.8bn kWh in 2012

China aims to install 100GW of grid-connected wind farms by 2015

Wind power world leader China has posted a 41 per cent surge in the production of electricity from wind in 2012, bringing the nation a step closer to meet its goal in three years, according to reports. The country, which has the world's biggest wind power market, generated "100.8bn kilowatt-hours (kWh) of wind power last year, compared with 71.5bn kWh in 2011," the National Energy Administration has said in a statement, Bloomberg reports.

Total grid-connected installed capacity has increased by 31 per cent to 62.7GW from 47.9GW in 2011.

China said in August that it aims to install 100GW of grid-connected wind farms by 2015 and to generate 190 billion kilowatt-hours of power.

Wind energy has become the Asian nation's third-biggest energy resource, following coal and hydropower, and accounts for around 2 per cent of total electricity, according to data from China's State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The news follows on from reports that show China is in course to become a world leader in the smart grid sector. According to a report from Zpryme Research and Consulting earlier this month, the BRIC country is on course to build the world's most advanced grid by 2020.