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China’s Goldwind achieves ‘commercially proven status’ in US

Milestone performance achievement for China wind manufacturer is regarded as final sign of being “financeable” in US

A Goldwind run wind farm
The achievement means Goldwind has reached the final status of commercial viability in the US wind market

Chinese wind power firm Goldwind has achieved commercial proven status in the US. The Chinese wind manufacturer has achieved “100 equivalent wind turbine years of operation above 95 per cent availability in the market” to hit a milestone that is regarded as the final sign of being “financeable” in the US. The wind power achievement has been prescribed by UK renewable energy consultancy GL Garrad Hassan.


Tim Rosenzweig,  Goldwind CEO in the Americas, said the achievement will “unlock vast new pools of capital for the Chinese wind power company.” He said:  “Having recently sold our 109.5MW Illinois wind farm to a western buyer and having closed a USD 71 million project financing with western lenders in Panama, we are excited that this performance milestone further advances our calculated and measured market entry plan and unlocks vast new pools of capital for our customers.” 


The achievement marks more good news for Goldwind this year. Back in February, the company announced  its 1.5MW and 2.5MW wind turbine series had received ETL verification. This meant the series had met all safety requirements in the US and Canada on design, technology and quality.


At the time of the certification, Goldwind’s president Wang Haibo, said: ‘’Goldwind has invested in significant research and development resources in establishing our turbines as among the most technologically advanced, high-performance, efficient, and cost-effective machines in the world. It is that R&D strength that has helped our transition into the international markets, ensuring full compliance with market and quality standards in each of the locations we serve.”