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Chile and Finland to cooperate on renewables

Chile and Finland are teaming up to develop clean energy technologies as they both seek to reduce their dependence of fossil fuels

Chile, with its long shoreline, is looking to significantly develop its wave power sector

Chilean and Finnish companies have a signed an agreement to further develop each other’s renewable energy technologies.

The agreement, which pledges to strengthen cooperation between Finnish and Chilean companies, research institutes and universities, includes an initial statement to set up a WaveRoller power plant in Chile as a showcase for wave energy.

Chilean Minister of Energy, Jorge Bunster and CEO of AW-Energy, John Liljelund signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the end of January. The agreement will see the two countries cooperate on developing technologies that should spur bio-energy, wave energy and energy efficiency innovation.

Chile is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the region and has a clear demand for new clean energy and less dependence of fossil fuels.

Chile has a long shoreline with huge wave energy resources and a growing need for clean and local energy, as the country is vast and remote areas often lack infrastructure. "This is the perfect setup for wave energy," said Mr Liljelund in a Finnish ministry of employment statement.

Currently less than 2 per cent of Chile’s energy is derived from biomass. The country is emerging, like China, Russia and India as a key potential cleantech developer.