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BRIC and EU wind team to offer prototype tests for Chinese turbines

CEPRI and GL Garrad Hassan to cooperate on wind inspection to bring turbines to “international standards”

The companies will cooperate to bring turbines to international standards

A German consultancy firm will work with a Chinese research institute to offer prototype tests for turbines. The Chinese electric power research institute and GL Garrad Hassan will inspect and measure turbines against international standards.

Mathias Steck, senior vice president and regional manager Asia Pacific, GL Garrad Hassan, said: “The combined expertise of two recognised organisations will put Chinese wind turbine manufacturers in a better position to be able to optimise their products to the international standards and this will boost customer confidence.”

“We expect to help Chinese wind turbine manufacturers strengthen their competitiveness in the global market,” Steck added.

The prototype tests offered will involve a number of evaluations. This includes power performance tests, load measurement, acoustic noise measurement, power quality measurement, and LVRT (low voltage ride through) testing. The firms will also offer advice on technical guideline development.

In addition to the prototype tests, the two firms will also cooperate on such activities as the development of industry and national standards, information exchange, and safety related training.

GL Garrad Hassan is the renewable branch of the GL Group, and has worked with CEPRI several times since the Sino-German technical cooperation project in 2007.

This CEPRI-GL venture follows Chinese solar manufacturer, Sinovel, commissioning TUV Nord to certify its SL6000 wind power system. The internationally recognised certification will help Sinovel expand into international markets. The certification involves design assessment, type tests and product monitoring, in a process similar to the prototype tests that CEPRI and GL will offer.