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Assessment to boost wind energy investment in India

C-WET study to match current wind technology and increase investor confidence in country

The assessment aims to boost wind energy investment opportunities in India
The assessment aims to boost wind energy investment opportunities in India

A project is being launched to assess the latest wind energy technology in India to increase investment into the country. The Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) is to launch the project to assess India’s current wind energy potential, according to reports.

The project aims to give wind project developers a sense of the investment opportunities available in India’s wind power market, which is currently the largest renewable energy sector in the country.

Officials at C-WET plan to set up wind-speed assessment sensors at 75 locations at a height of 100m at four other locations at a height of 120m, Clean has reported.

It states that the development is significant because the C-WET only has actual validated wind energy potential measurements taken at only 45m, while none of the wind energy solution providers in India sell wind turbines with a hub height of 45m. Most of the wind turbines available in India actually have hub heights ranging between 65m and 100m.

The decision by C-WET to undertake the study will match the current technology to boost the confidence of investors and project developers who were disappointed by the government’s move to roll back a tax incentive policy for wind projects from April 2012.

The Economic Times reported that Dr S Gomathinayagam, executive director of C-Wet, said that in doing the assessment, anticipating taller towers with larger diameter rotors in the Indian market will extend “assessment at greater heights in different areas to harness the potential of wind energy with the latest technology in India”.