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Renewables grid research

UK and India join to collaborate on five smart grid and energy storage projects

The UK and India are working together on five smart grid and energy storage projects further strengthening power grid technology collaborations between the two countries.

Leading US tech association's research papers to help advance BRIC smart grids for next 40 years

A world leading US technology association dedicated to advancing technology has unveiled research papers which could help drive forward smart grid innovations in the BRIC countries over the next forty years.

US company's BRIC arm plans Brazil’s biggest smart grid to stop power theft

The arm of a US firm has announced plans to develop Brazil's biggest smart grid to curb power theft, according to reports.

China on course to build world’s most advanced grid by 2020, says research report

China is on course to build the world's most advanced grid by 2020, a research report has said.

First stage complete of UK's £54m leading smart grid project

The UK's largest smart grid project has completed the first stage of its research into electricity consumption after establishing a series of ongoing trials with 12,000 customers.

German smart grid tech in ten-year energy plan for Canada

Siemens will develop the Canadian grid in a ten year plan

German power technology is being used to “modernise” the Canadian grid in a ten year energy plan for a region of the country.

Europe could save EUR 45B in its pursuit of renewables

Europe could save money on renewables

The crux lies in the choice of location: If installations were built at the sites in Europe that offer the highest power yields, some EUR 45 billion of investment in renewables could be saved by 2030. This figure already includes the associated extension of the power grid.

The micro effect

Microgrid development

RET: Why are microgrid developments so significant? Are they just the next step from the smart grid, or is there much more to the technology than this?

French firm to create “energy highway” in India

French firm to create “energy highway” in India

A French firm is using its transmission technology to create an “energy highway” in India and improve power distribution across the BRIC country. French energy firm Alstom will connect power stations in north India, as part of plans to meet high power demand in the country.

US to fund 19 energy storage projects

The US Department of Energy has given the go-ahead to 19 US clean energy projects designed to  develop energy storage technologies. The Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will provide USD43m to the projects focusing on innovations in battery management and storage.


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