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Offshore wind

Netherlands firm leads historical operation for design of US offshore wind first

A Netherlands firm is leading what is claimed to be one of the most comprehensive geophysical surveys in US history to prepare for the final design of the country’s first offshore wind farm, Cape Wind.

Danish wind giant to supply 216 MW to offshore wind farm in Belgium

A Danish wind giant is to supply 216 MW for the development of an offshore wind farm in Belgium. Vestas has received the 216 MW order for the Northwind Offshore wind farm, which is planned for construction on the Bank Zonder Naam off the coast of Zeebrugge in Belgium.  

Netherlands and German marine firms join up to invest in vessels for offshore wind

Marine firms in the Netherlands and Germany have joined together to invest in vessels to service offshore wind turbines.

German energy firm successfully tests UK offshore wind access system

A German energy firm has successfully tested UK-developed wind technology that is set to improve safety during offshore maintenance procedures.

UK offshore wind set for investment boost after Chinese visit

A visit to the UK from a Chinese delegation is set to boost offshore wind developments in east England.

US-EU world first floating wind system tests a success

A US floating wind system which has been tested in Portugal since the start of the year has been a success. Seattle firm Principle Power’s WindFloat device, which includes a turbine of Danish firm Vestas, has met its performance calls since it was first put into the water six months ago.

Steel monopiles “not an optimal solution” to move wind forward - says director

The offshore wind industry should not focus on steel but look to using concrete for turbine foundations to meet 2020 targets, speakers at a global wind conference have said.

China’s wind capacity set to double to 120 GW

China’s current 60 GW onshore wind power figure could double by 2020

China could double its onshore wind capacity to 120 GW by 2020, it has been revealed. The news, which was revealed at the Global Offshore Wind conference in London, suggested that the country’s 60 GW wind capacity today could more than double within the next decade.

China’s first offshore wind farm set for 100 MW expansion

The expansion is set to be a major boost for offshore wind power in China

Plans are underway to expand China’s first offshore wind farm. Chinese firm Shanghai Donghai Wind Power Co, which has developed the country’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, will invest around USD 300m in a 100 MW offshore facility next year, according to reports.

Danish firm to design foundations for first US offshore wind farm

Cape Wind is set to bring offshore wind power to the US for the first time

Danish and US firms are to team up to design the foundations for the first US offshore wind farm, Cape Wind. The offshore wind farm will mark the turning point for offshore wind energy in the US.


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