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Enhanced geothermal systems

US firm Ormat to develop 60MW Indonesia geothermal power project

US firm Ormat Technologies has signed a contract to develop a geothermal power project with up to 60MW capacity in Indonesia. Ormat has announced it has signed an agreement for the development of the Hu'u Dompu project on Indonesia's Sumbawa Island.

German engineering firm to build ORC geothermal power plant

Linde plans to tap into geothermal energy in water almost 2.5 miles underground

Linde Engineering is to build its first geothermal plant in Germany. The plant, which will generate 38,640MWh of electricity a year, will generate energy from geothermally-heated water almost 2.5 miles underground.

In search of cracks

Most energy analysts agree that geothermal energy — tapping the heat of bedrock deep underground to generate electricity — have enormous potential because it is available all the time, almost anywhere on Earth, and there is enough of it available, in theory, to supply all of the world’s energy ne

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