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Bioenergy efficiency

India invites investment to develop biomass solar hybrid power plants

Investors in India are invited to submit proposals for a government project on building plants based on hybrid biomass and solar thermal technology.

EU firm to participate in bioenergy research in Finland and India to build up forest and energy partnerships

A Finnish firm is to take part in a bioenergy research programme in Finland and India which aims to build up collaborations between forest and energy companies.

Loan approved to build Brazil’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant

Funding to build Brazil's first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant has been approved, according to reports. Brazilian development bank BNDES has approved a BRL 300.3m (USD 150m) loan to develop the plant, which will be used to produce biofuels and renewable chemicals.

Indian demand for renewable energy credits almost triples in March

Demand for renewable energy credits in India almost tripled in March this year, according to reports.

US firm in 10 year advanced biomass deal for China

A US firm looks set to help boost China’s bioenergy sector after signing a deal to supply advanced biomass to the country for a decade.

US researchers engineer cells for more efficient biofuel production

Chemical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have engineered cells to increase efficiency of biofuel production. The US team has devised a way to dramatically boost isobutanol production in yeast.

Indian biofuels tech selected for ethanol plant in South America

An Indian biofuels provider is using its technology to develop an ethanol plant in South America.

Austrian algae tech firm wins Brazilian bioenergy innovation of the year award

An Austrian algae technology firm has won the Brazilian Bioenergy Innovation of the year award. Vienna company SEE Algae Technology (SAT), a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, received the award for its algae cultivation technology.

Everbright International in waste to energy project for China

China Everbright International has signed an investment agreement for the development of a waste to energy project in Jiangsu Province with a 500-tonne daily capacity.

Suez Environment in JV to build China waste to energy plant

Medical waste foe waste to energy

French firm Suez Environment has set up a joint venture (JV) with China-based firms to construct a waste to energy plant in Nantong.


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