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Offshore wind test module to harvest seaweed for biofuel production

The cultivation module has left the NIOZ harbour on the Dutch island of Texel

A Netherlands firm has started a trial which aims to combine generating offshore wind energy with bioenergy using seaweed.

The cultivation module, developed by energy firm Ecofys, is set to harvest the Dutch seaweed for the production of biofuels and energy.

Enzyme to slash costs on advanced biofuels

Novozymes produces enzymes for the production of cellulosic ethanol

An enzyme has been unveiled which is set to slash costs on biofuels production. Danish Page Contfirm Novozymes has developed the Cellic CTec3 enzyme, which it claims performs better than any other enzymes on the market.

Australian biofuel technology set to power US Navy fleet

The US Navy is planning to use biofuel technology to power its fleet

Biofuel technology being developed by Australia’s Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers has caught the interest of the US Navy, the University has announced.

Danish and Indian firms come together for seaweed biofuel project

India’s Sea6 Energy is helping to develop biofuels from seaweed

Danish biotech company Novozymes has teamed up with India’s Sea6 Energy to jointly develop a process for the production of biofuels from seaweed. The research alliance will use enzymes to convert seaweed-based carbohydrates to sugar, which can then be fermented to produce energy from ethanol.

Genes discovery set to lead to better crops for bioenergy

Researchers hope to breed crops which use less energy to produce biofuels

Biotechnology researchers have discovered a family of genes that could help breed grasses to improve properties for bioenergy.

Green biodiesel from an African tree

Oil from the Jatropha tree is highly suitable as a fuel alternative

Jatropha has been championed as a major environmental opportunity for developing countries with a semi-arid climate and marginal soil.

US energy groups provide financing to construct USD 225m biomass facility

The biomass facility will use wood waste to power 37,000 homes

Technology and energy companies are financing the construction of a USD 225m biomass project in the US. Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and the Carlyle Energy Mezzanine Opportunities Group have announ

Decommissioned US landfill to be transformed into methane-fuelled power station

Methane gas produced from the old landfill site will help power up to 2000 homes

A decommissioned landfill is being turned into a methane-fuelled power station as part of a major renewable energy project in the US. The Santiago Canyon landfill in Orange Country, California, which closed in the late 1980s, is being transformed into a power sta


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