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World’s first advanced biofuels facility opens

The world’s first advanced biofuels facility

The world's first advanced biofuels facility has opened which is set to present a "leap forward" for the bioenergy sector. The facility in Italy has been developed by Italian cellulosic biofuels firm Beta Renewables.

Airbus and Russia’s Rostec cooperate for aviation fuels

airplane above fields

French aircraft manufacturer Airbus and RT-Biotekhprom of Russia's Rostec are working together to research and develop aviation fuels. The two companies have signed an agreement to launch a large-scale analysis on sustainable fuels for aviation.

CPFL’s 50MW biomass plant starts operation in Brazil

biomass plant

Brazilian renewable energy firm CPFL Energias Renováveis has started running its 50MW biomass-based power plant Coopcana. The company has announced the biomass-fired thermoelectric plant has started operations in southern Brazilian state Paraná.

US firm LanzaTech partners with India's centre for advanced bioenergy for new biofuel supply

US low-carbon fuel and chemicals producer LanzaTech has partnered with India's Centre for Advanced Bio-Energy to develop a new supply of biofuels for the BRIC country. LanzaTech has teamed up with the centre to produce low carbon fuels from industrial waste CO2gas.

Austrian algae tech shortlisted for Brazilian bioenergy innovation of the year award

An Austrian algae technology firm has been shortlisted for a major award for bioenergy innovation in Brazil.

UK firm to develop advanced biofuel facilities in China

A UK biotechnology developer is working with authorities in China that will lead to a series of second generation biofuel facilities for the BRIC country.

Boeing partners with Chinese firm to boost aviation biofuels

Chinese and US aerospace firms have teamed up in a bid to boost the amount of biofuels for use in the BRIC country’s aviation industry. Both companies will fund research into developing techniques to treat cooking oil and turn it into the renewable fuel. 

Brazil and US partner on bioethanol production

A Brazilian laboratory has chosen a US technology for a biomass research and development in an attempt to raise the production of bioethanol. The technology could raise yield of the biofuel by as much as 40 per cent.

Chinese firm works with UK Uni to develop bioenergy tech

China’s largest drinks firm and a UK university are working together to research and develop bioenergy technology. Chinese company Wahaha and The University of Nottingham have signed an agreement to advance expertise in the technology over the next five years.

Production to start on first US large-scale biofuel plant

Production is ready to start on the US’s first large-scale biofuel plant. The Indian River BioEnergy Centre in Florida will produce advanced cellulosic biofuels on a large-scale for the first time in autumn 2012.


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