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Austrian algae tech firm wins Brazilian bioenergy innovation of the year award

An Austrian algae technology firm has won the Brazilian Bioenergy Innovation of the year award. Vienna company SEE Algae Technology (SAT), a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, received the award for its algae cultivation technology.

Boeing & Embraer Brazil aviation biofuels research centre to open

Aircraft landing

Aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Embraer are to open a joint aviation biofuels research centre in Brazil.

China's CAAC approves biobased aviation fuel for commercial use

Jets and aviation fuel

The Chinese government has approved a biobased aviation fuel for commercial use, according to reports.

India and Argentina agree cooperation for biofuels, says MNRE

Biofuel plant

India and Argentina have agreed to strengthen cooperation in renewable energy, including biofuels, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced. India’s MNRE has said the two countries will look at cooperating in biofuel developments, as well as wind power and solar energy.

Aemetis upgrades India biofuel plant for distilled biodiesel production

 biodiesel plant

US advanced fuels and renewable chemicals company Aemetis has upgraded its Indian biofuel plant to produce

India biofuel interest doubles for Novozymes


Danish biotech company Novozymes said its demand for biofuels has doubled in India, according to reports.

Algae.Tec and Reliance team up to build biofuel plant in India

Algae.Tec said the biofuel plant could make a significant impact on India’s energy requirements

Enterprise Reliance Industrial Investments has signed an agreement with Australia’s Algae.Tec to build a pilot two-barrels-per-day biofuel plant in India.

Boeing and GOL team up to advance aviation biofuels in Brazil

Aircraft over biofuel crops

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and Brazilian airline GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes are working together to speed the research, development and approval of new sources of sustainable aviation biofuel in Brazil.

First aviation biofuel commercial flights to start in Brazil next year


The first commercial flights using aviation biofuels in Brazil look set to start next year.

Boeing and SAA team up in aviation biofuel first for South Africa

Aircraft and biofuel feedstock

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and South African Airways (SAA) are working together to develop a sustainable aviation biofuel supply chain in South Africa. The project is a first in aviation biofuel development for the African continent.


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