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Brazil to invest $2.85bn to fund biofuel and renewable chemical tech research

Brazil will invest BRL 6.1bn ($2.85 billion) to fund biofuel and renewable chemical technology research, according to reports. The development will accelerate its efforts to modernise its energy industry and shift away from a commodity-export based economy, Bloomberg has said.

Loan approved to build Brazil’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant

Funding to build Brazil's first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant has been approved, according to reports. Brazilian development bank BNDES has approved a BRL 300.3m (USD 150m) loan to develop the plant, which will be used to produce biofuels and renewable chemicals.

US researchers engineer cells for more efficient biofuel production

Chemical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have engineered cells to increase efficiency of biofuel production. The US team has devised a way to dramatically boost isobutanol production in yeast.

Renewables to boost Scotland-India trade

To help accelerate Scottish-Indian trade and potential for collaborations – particularly in the field of renewable energy - Scottish Development International, has opened a new office in India.

US firm forms Brazilian partnerships to develop next generation biofuel

A US biofuels firm has formed Brazilian partnerships in a “landmark” deal to research and develop crops for alternative energy.

Indian biofuels tech selected for ethanol plant in South America

An Indian biofuels provider is using its technology to develop an ethanol plant in South America.

South American bioethanol project uses UK technology

A UK cleantech engineering company is helping Guyana unleash its huge biofuels and biomass potential by supplying membrane technology to an ethanol-producing demonstration plant.

Indian firm to develop biofuels in Ethiopia

An Indian biofuel supply chain company has agreed to create a biofuels project using its own feedstock in Ethiopia as part of goverment plans to help the country ease its dependence on imported crude oil.

Brazilian and US firms join forces to create world’s largest biofuels platform

Bioenergy firms in Brazil and the US have joined up to create what they claim is the largest biofuels platform in the world.

Brazilian and Canadian ethanol firms join up to advance cellulosic biofuels

Brazilian and Canadian ethanol firms have joined up to develop cellulosic biofuel technology in the BRIC country.


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