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Tidal stream power

Tidal power turbine set for Canada

A marine energy firm is set to boost developments for tidal power in Canada.

European expertise to develop marine energy test centre in Taiwan

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Scotland has announced an international collaboration agreement to develop a marine energy test facility in Taiwan.

Green light given for 20MW UK tidal power testing facility

The green light has been given to build a 20MW UK tidal power testing facility off the coast of the Isle of Wight. The facility will be constructed off the Island’s south coast to test tidal energy devices developed in the UK and abroad. 

The Switch’s permanent magnet generator chosen for Atlantis tidal turbine

The Switch, a supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet (PM) generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, received an order to deliver a medium-speed generator for use in the Atlantis Resources Ltd AR1500 turbine drive train

During March 2015, Atlantis confirmed an order with The Switch for an integrated PM medium-speed generator that resulted from a successfully completed pre-design project carried out in 2014.

World's most environmentally sensitive tidal stream generator to hit the market

tidal stream generator

Renewable Devices Marine Ltd has already secured a private funding package, as well as securing £100,000 worth of innovation funding form the Scottish Government.

Atlantis and Dongfang set tests for first tidal turbine in China

Atlantis tidal turbine

Tidal power supplier Atlantis has set up a testing agreement with Dongfang ahead of its tidal stream turbine being deployed in China for the first time later this year.

UK and China £20m research plan to advance wave and tidal energy

Tidal energy devices

Technology development for wave and tidal energy will be a focus of research in a GBP 20m innovation programme set up between the UK and China. The three-year research programme aims to develop innovative low-carbon technologies for the UK and China in offshore renewable energy.

Scotland’s first marine energy park opens

A marine energy park has opened in Scotland. Scotland's first Marine Energy Park (MEP) will include the largest wave and tidal development zone in the world to develop marine energy technologies.

Netherlands firm acquires tidal system to boost marine power

The tidal power system has been demonstrated in Westerschelde

A Netherlands firm has acquired a tidal power system to help it move into commercialisation and boost marine power.

Funding approved for India tidal energy first

The project will mark the start of tidal energy technology in India

India’s first tidal project looks set to get the green light after funding has been approved. The western Indian state of Gujarat plans to spend 250 million rupees (USD 4.8m) to help develop the nation’s first project to produce power from ocean tides, according to reports.


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