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Small wind

China to take world lead in $3bn 2020 small-wind power market, says report

Small-wind power turbine

China is expected to lead the world in small-wind power, which is set to reach USD 3bn by 2020, new research claims. A report from research and consulting firm GlobalData shows China led the world in global small-wind power in 2012 with an installed wind capacity totalling 266MW.

US university to open small wind and solar research centre in India

A US university is to open a research centre in India to develop small wind and solar technology for the BRIC country.

Spanish wind turbines receive certification in China

A Chinese institute has certified a series of 2MW turbines developed in Spain. China Electricity Power Research Institute (CEPRI) has given certification to Spanish firm Gamesa’s G8X-2.0 MW and G9X-2.0MW wind turbines.

Danish firm ends kW turbine production in China

A Danish firm has ended the production of its kW turbines in China. Wind giant Vestas has decided to phase out the production of the kilowatt platform, including its V52-850 kW and V60-850 kW turbines at its Chinese facility.

China approves wind projects worth 16.8GW

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has released the latest batch of wind power projects according to developers, China Windpower.

Growth proves big is not always best

In the wind industry it appears that the biggest driver is to make everything bigger and more powerful.

Small wind reaches new heights

Vertical axis wind turbines thrive in very strong winds

The use of small wind turbines is growing, according to UK trade association RenewableUK. It reports a 65% rise in annual capacity additions for 2010, with 14.23MW installed compared to 8.62MW in 2009.

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