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Hydroelectric energy efficiency

French hydro firm commissions world’s most powerful hydroelectric units in China

A French hydro firm has commissioned the world's most powerful hydroelectric units at Xiangjiaba hydro power plant in China. All four hydro units, manufactured by French firm Alstom, for China's Xiangjiaba underground hydro power plant have now successfully entered commercial operation.

France and Russia hydro firms in deal to upgrade BRIC country hydro power plants

Hydro firms in France and Russia are working together to upgrade hydro power plants in the south of the BRIC country.

France firm adds 110MW to India hydro projects in east district

A France firm has added 110MW of hydro technology to a project in an India district where three other hydro power plants are being developed.

Cost cutting China hydroelectric power project wins US innovation award

A hydroelectric power project in China has won a US innovation award for cutting costs in plant design and construction.

China hydro power subsidiary in 240MW hydroelectric tech deal

A China hydro subsidiary has been selected to supply turbine technology totalling 80MW for a hydro power plant bordering the BRIC country.

US pumping tech selected for first-a-kind 1000MW hydropower plant in India

A leading US firm has been selected to supply its pumping technology for a 1000MW "first-of-a-kind" hydropower plant in India.

Asian bank in investment to build 100MW hydropower plant in India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is investing USD 30m to support the construction of a 100MW hydropower plant in India.

French firm to supply tech for 220MW hydropower plant in Brazil

French firm Alstom Renewable Power has been selected by Energias do Brazil to supply all electromechanical equipment to Cachoeira Caldeirão, a 220MW hydro plant in the BRIC country.

Swiss UHVDC tech to develop world leading 1,670km hydropower link in China

Swiss transformer technology is being used to develop the world's highest power link to supply hydropower across China.

Indian firm to add 425MW of hydropower plants to BRIC country

Indian clean energy projects developer Greenko has announced it will add six new run-of-river hydropower plants totalling 425MW to its active development pipeline.


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