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Yingli monocrystalline panels for first Pernambuco PV power plant

China solar module firm Yingli Green Energy delivers 1MW monocrystalline panels to build first ground-mounted PV power plant at state Pernambuco for Brazil World Cup

Solar modules
The PV power plant contains monocrystalline panels made from Yingli’s patented, high-efficiency solar cell technology

Chinese solar module manufacturer Yingli Green Energy (Yingli) has delivered monocrystalline panels to build the first PV power plant for state Pernambuco in Brazil. Yingli, which is a world leading vertically-integrated solar module manufacturer, has supplied 1MW of monocrystalline panels to Grupo Neoenergia, one of Brazil's largest energy companies, for the ground-mounted PV power plant. The solar panels will be used at the PV plant to deliver clean electricity to Arena Pernambuco, the site for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The ground-mounted PV power plant is built on 15,000sqm of land in Sao Lourenço de Mata, a suburb of regional capital Recife. It contains more than 3,650 monocrystalline PANDA Series panels, which Yingli said are made from its patented, high-efficiency solar cell technology.

The PV power plant is projected to generate more than 1,500MWh of electricity annually and will meet thirty per cent of Arena Pernambuco's electricity demand. When the stadium is not in use, solar energy will be delivered to the local community's electricity grid through Brazil's net energy metering program. Visitors to the stadium can also track the PV plant’s performance at a Visitor's Centre designed to educate the public about solar energy.

Liansheng Miao, Yingli chairman and chief executive officer, said: “Thanks to its prominent location next to the stadium, this 1MW project will raise the profile of solar energy considerably during the FIFA World Cup, helping to bring our message of affordable green energy to the people of Brazil."

Neoenergia has invested in five PV power plants in Brazil. Robert Petrina, managing director of Yingli Green Energy Americas said he hopes working with Neoenergia on the Arena Pernambuco project will help develop solar energy across Latin America.

"This landmark project has strengthened our relationship with Grupo Neoenergia, a pioneer in Brazil's growing solar energy market," Petrina said. "We hope that by completing high-profile projects like Arena Pernambuco, we can continue driving demand for solar energy across Latin America."

Yingli is the latest Chinese solar module manufacturer contributing to PV power plant developments in Brazil in March this year. Hanwha SolarOne announced its solar modules are being used to build a PV power park in Guatemala earlier this month.