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Yingli Green Energy hosts month-long PV technology innovation expo in China

China solar developer hosts 2nd annual expo and unveils PV manufacturing process improvements

PV solar cell
The month-long expo in China is designed to promote PV technology innovation for the solar industry

Chinese PV manufacturer Yingli Green Energy is hosting a month-long technology exposition to promote solar power innovations in the BRIC country. The firm, which is a world leading vertically integrated PV manufacturer, is hosting the exposition, its second annual Technology Innovation Expo, at the company's Baoding Headquarters through to the end of October.

The month-long expo is designed to promote technology innovation and new business strategies, including the company's recent improvements to multicrystalline silicon ingot casting. It will see the company unveil "significant improvements" to its multicrystalline silicon manufacturing process that increase yield, energy efficiency and product performance.

The expo comprises nine display areas which showcase each of Yingli Green Energy's internal departments' efforts to improve their manufacturing processes and enterprise-level operations, while reducing overall costs. In addition to presentations from Yingli Green Energy's internal teams, leading suppliers of solar panel equipment and materials, including Rena GmbH and DuPont Trading (Shanghai) Co will exhibit at the expo.

Through research and development and aggressive product testing, Yingli's technical team is announcing significant upgrades to its multicrystalline silicon ingot production. By upgrading the casting furnaces, the company said it has increased the silicon ingot's quality, the capacity per furnace, and the overall manufacturing line's energy efficiency. As a result, the yield rate of each casting furnace has grown by more than 1.5 per cent, the capacity expanded by more than 47 per cent, and the per-unit energy consumption decreased by approximately 13 per cent. These results have been verified by the National Centre of Analysis and Testing for Non-ferrous Metals & Electronic Materials.

Dengyuan Song, chief technology officer of Yingli Green Energy, said: "We're pleased to showcase our efforts to improve technology and reduce costs across each step of the solar PV chain, and we are particularly delighted to share these successes with key partners such as DuPont and Rena.

"We're also proud of our dramatic increase in ingot quality, which will help Yingli meet growing demand for high-performing solar panels," he added. "As the expo and our innovations hopefully demonstrate, we believe there is a bright future ahead for the global solar industry."